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Monthly Hostinger Experience Review (2023)

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I purchased Hostinger Business plan in October 2023. Hostinger business plan includes hostinger CDN, 100 emails (1gb storage each), 100 websites, Unlimited Storage but 600,000 inodes. Inodes are basically number of files allowed in the hosting, as websites tend to have lots of small sized files. Lots of quality features are available on hostinger for a cheap price. You also get daily backups, malware scanner, Ddos protection and more security features.
But is it truly worth to get the hosting? Let’s find out from my experience using it. Also this site is also hosted on hostinger.

Hostinger Monthly Reports

May 2024 Report

  • No issues so far

April 2024 Report

  • No issues so far

March 2024 Report

  • No issues so far

February 2024 Report

  • No issues so far

January 2024 Report

  • No issues so far

December 2023 Report

  • Hostinger CDN issues (maybe)
    – Some images weren’t loading but it got fixed automatically under 5 minutes.

November 2023 Report (1 Month usage)

  • Hostinger CDN issues
    – Some website images were not loading and customer support suggested to turn OFF Hostinger CDN as it is relatively new.
    – I am still going to keep hostinger CDN active to test for few months if it works well or not. If not ,then I’ll use free cloudflare or CDN.
  • No other issues found.
  • Hostinger’s own control panel makes it a lot easier for beginners to use their hosting.
    – Pretty easy to control all aspects of your hosting easily, including emails, hosting, websites, files with file manager, domains, 
  • Personally, I don’t prefer live support chats for website. 
    – I have used ticket system for my old hostings where you add a ticket of your problem and customer support will reply it after fixing it.
    – Live support chat requires me to be available and go through the hassle of “hi, hello, are you still there?” messages.
    – Contacting support is also tricky, you need to talk to AI assistant and see if it helps, if not it will redirect you to live specialist.

October 2023 Report (Purchased Hostinger)

  • Purchased Business Plan of Hostinger.
  • I am using wordpress and not their builder.
  • Selected the hosting location to US. ( Choose hosting location closest to your target audience)
  • Requested Migration of 2 websites to Hostinger.
    – First website took around 24 hrs. Second website was done in few hours.
    – Migration only moves websites and does not connect emails, digital products and internal connections.
    – I had to move my digital files from old hosting to Hostinger. Then connect all files in woocommerce with the new location of the digital files hosted on hostinger.
    – Email Setup had to be done again and is not done by migration team due to privacy concerns.
  • Website speeds are pretty normal considering the price. 
    – Getting around 1.5-2.5s speed on ecommerce websites on gtmetrix.
    – Lightweight themes like Astra with ecommerce seems to load under 1.5 s and themes like oceanwp with ecommerce taking around 1.5s-2.5s.
    – Here is the video review showing the speed.
    – This websites speed seems to be slower on landing page and rest of the pages are fast. This is due to the landing page not optimized by me.

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