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Why did I create this site?

The reason for me creating this site is pretty simple. I am a graphics designer, I work in 3D and 2D designs. So sometimes, when I create personal projects, I get left with multiple resources. So I decided to add these resources to this site for free and maybe some paid. I will be adding these resources which might be the final product or just something I made while learning new things. So not sure, if all products will be up to industry standards.
Also, I don’t usually find the resources needed for my work with a cc0 license. So I decided to add them myself and maybe this website might help me to find my required resources quickly. Seriously, I don’t have much idea why I created this site, mainly was for the above reason but I decided to make it a vast site and just mess around and add everything I like. Not worrying about professionalism and just being who I am, I can just go ham on this site. From adding reviews of foods, products, or anything going with my life.

Even though I said I will not be showing professionalism on this site but if some resources that I provide helps you, Please consider supporting me by donating to me. Currently freelancing and haven’t done any job, I just want to follow my passion. So any help would be nice.

Just in my 20s, I want to explore as much as I can to make sure I never regret it. 🙂

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