5 Elementor Features Block Free Template

Some variations require custom CSS functionality from Elementor pro  –  Elementor Pro (Affiliate Link)

If you don’t have Elementor Pro and wish to do it for free, you can use the additional CSS option in your theme and use the CSS given below.

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*As of now, you need to go through the normal checkout process for free products too. I’ll update it once I find a better way to remove the checkout process for free products.



Only use this if you don’t have Elementor Pro (affiliate link) and add it to the additional CSS option of your theme, but remember that additional CSS runs on your whole website. Recommended to get Elementor Pro(affiliate link) to keep the CSS organized and only run on that particular page.

CSS for heading glow –

.glowtext {
transition-duration: 1s;

.glowbox:hover .glowtext {
color: #cbf41c;

CSS for frosted glass effect –

.frostedglass {

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