Valentine’s Day Hot Air Balloon Memories AE Template

Personal Project For Digital Ecommerce Store ( – As Valentine’s day was approaching, I wanted to dab my skills into blender’s 3D and 2D mixing and decided to create a template after learning it for a month. The hot air balloon and clouds behind are made in 3D with 2D toon textures and then imported to After Effects to create a template for creators to customize. Also with the rise of Tiktok and Instagram Reels, I wanted to make sure that promotion isn’t limited to wide screens only, so made a different 9:16 version for more reach across social platforms. The project has both, a day setting and a night setting for the creator’s preference.

This project improved my 3D skills and helped me learn toon shading for future works. Using both 3D and 2D makes it much more efficient to create an animated video as it doesn’t require to hand drawing each frame.