Softball Team Portfolio Website

Client for a Softball Team – For this project, the client required a website that would showcase their softball team. To create a dynamic and engaging design, I started with a slider hero image that gave the impression of hardworking athletes, with motivational quotes overlaid on top of player images. To create a cohesive look, I used the team’s logo and outfit colors throughout the website.

The menu header was designed to be translucent, but was later changed by the client to a grey one. The website included a Team page to show all team members, a Schedule page synced with Google Calendar to display upcoming matches, an About page providing a brief overview of the team, and a Gallery page to display images.

To highlight each team member’s individual skills and experience, I created a player profile page for each member, featuring their stats, academic information, player information, and personal contact information alongside their photo.

Overall, the project resulted in a visually engaging and informative website that effectively showcased the team’s skills and experience. The use of motivational quotes on the hero image and the player profiles helped to personalize the website and make it more relatable to visitors. The inclusion of a Schedule page and Gallery page provided additional information and engagement opportunities for visitors.

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Plugins/Applications Used – WordPress (installed on hosting), Elementor free version, Adobe Photoshop.