Christmas Line Art Motion Graphics (AE Template)

Personal Project For Digital Ecommerce Store ( -A continuous line art that draws the shape as it moved forward. The goal was to create a single line that would draw Christmas-related stuff while revealing a hanging board. The hanging board image is one which can be easily changed and thus converting it into a template for a digital product. 

This project required me to create a long line with the design elements in Adobe Illustrator and then using After Effects for the drawing effect. A particle effect is done in the background for snow effect. The ending Santa riding sleigh was animated in after effects with flexibility of moving any sleigh and Santa further or closer without any extra work. The template also allows to change any element on the hanging board as well as the bulbs. 

The final Santa riding in sleigh has animated stars overlay in background which was created by me and is also available for free download here.

Christmas After Effects Template DMvisualz 1